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                Nylon Debur / Light Debur Wheel
     Used for:
  • Weld removal
  • Grinding marks
  • Burr removal
  • Hairline finishing

Sizes: 4" x 2" 6" x 2" 8" x 2" 6" x 1" 8" x 1"
Grits: Coarse, Med, Fine, Very Fine

    Nylon Polish Hairline Wheel  
    Used for:  Hairline finishing    
Sizes: 4" x 4" with keyway
Grits: Coarse, Med, Fine


   Nylon Deburring Dish
   Excellent for removal of after weld grinding or burn marks for easier stainless 4B finishing


    Nylon Felt Polishing Dish

    Used for: mirror polishing on stainless, plastic, acrylic    

   CNS Black Disc
   For Metal, Stainless, Aluminium, Concrete and Plastic surfaces

    For removal of rust
    Grinding of metal surface prior seams welding
    Top coat removal, paint removal
    Surface prep for paint, weld and coatings
    Consistent finishing
    Long life performance

***Custom Size On Request***

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