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    PZ Series
      For Stainless, EG and Steel grinding
     Consistent cutting/ grinding removal
     Durable, excellent on steel
     Double density

Size: Grits
100 x 16 mm P60   P80   P120


    AO Series
    For Stainless, Steel, Aluminium and EG grinding
    General application
    Good for removal of aluminium, EG welds or finishing  

Size: Grits
100 x 16 mm P40   P60   P80   P120  P180  P240  P400

     CA Series
     For Stainless, Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Die Cast, Hardened Steel, Titanium grinding
     Excellent cutting/ grinding power on tough weld
     Fast & constant removal
     Double density
Size: Grits
100 x 16 mm P40   P60   P80   P120

    For Metal, Stainless, Aluminium, Concrete and Plastic surfaces

    For removal of rust
    Grinding of metal surface prior seams welding
    Top coat removal, paint removal
    Surface prep for paint, weld and coatings
    Consistent finishing
    Long life performance

    Sizes: 100 x 16mm

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